State of the Fishroom, Part I

State of the Fishroom, Part I

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update!  Lots of things have been happening: comings and goings, fry, new tanks, and so on.  This is going to have to be a multi-post update for sure, lol.

First things first, plans!

  • I’m looking at giving away a number of my bettas.  As I said to Kari a bit ago, you can’t really expand around bettas, since they usually need to be kept alone :/  And maintaining them all separately is quite taxing in terms of space and maintenance time (not to mention vacation feeding…).  Hopefully I can rehome 3-4 of them, and give the remaining 2-3 a divided 20-long, so they’ll have more space, and I’ll have less tanks. 😉
  • I may also rehome the CPDs eventually.  They’re tiny, and interesting, but I’d rather focus on my larger fish now.  Even if I keep some, I’m going to have to divest some of these fry!
  • I’m going to swap the current 20-long (the “livebearer tank”) for a 29 gallon.  I’ve already got the tank and equipment, I just want to reinforce the stand a little.  Even without that bit of construction, swapping tanks should be an interesting exercise… Catching all of those fast fish will be challenging, and I’ll need to have a temporary holding pen while I set the 29 up.
  • I’ll get into the angelfish plans a bit more when I post about them specifically, but basically, I need to be ready for breeding!  I also will be, in theory, rehoming single fish as they hopefully begin to pair off.

As far as actual updates, let’s start with the 10 gallon planted tank 🙂  Hanabi died a little while ago, so the CPDs (celestial pearl danios) have free reign over the tank.  With no larger predator present, they’ve begun to spawn.  At the moment, there are upwards of 14 fry in there, with new ones appearing every couple of days… hopefully that rate will taper off sooner than later!

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