Angelfish, 4 weeks in

Angelfish, 4 weeks in

The angels are all doing quite well, even the little gimpy Pinoy, who I’ve dubbed Tiny Tim. :p   He’s still the smallest fish in the tank now, but no longer hangs back by himself.  I gave the tank a week course of Melafix.  There are definitely people in the hobby who will swear up and down that Melafix and Pimafix don’t work, and are dangerous.  Every medication is dangerous, aren’t they?  And like all the other fish medications out there, I wouldn’t expect them to magically cure every potential problem, but I’ve had good results with Melafix in particular.  I dosed the angels specifically to help some of their torn fins heal — and they did.  Moreover, Tiny Tim seemed much more engaged and alert within the same day of the first dose.   Long story short, all the torn dorsal fins and tails are healed now or obviously growing back, and all the fish are active and lively 🙂

… Maybe a bit too lively, while I’m trying to take pictures of them!  Like I told Kari, a lot of my pictures ended up looking like I was trying to photograph ghosts or something. :p  I was trying specifically to capture the blue sheen that they all have thanks to their Philippine Blue genes, so hopefully that’s apparent in at least a few pics.

As everyone’s gotten a bit bigger, it appears that two of the wild-cross ghost veils may not be ghosts at all — they have the normal 3 black stripes, they just don’t have them on all the time. (Angelfish can lighten/darken their stripes with their mood.)   So of the 3 “freebies”, it appears 2 of them may be wild-cross silvers instead of ghosts? I dunno, but they’re stunning, anyway 🙂  One of them does seem to have a bent fin… waiting to see if it grows out of that or what.

Oh yeah, and here’s the tank, for now.  Amazon swords, some mayaca (I really like the way it looks! I hope it does well), some broadleaf chain swords and a marble radican sword, all of whom have seen better days, some vallisneria, and a few bits of anacharis.  That stuff grows quite quickly so I’ll be trimming and re-planting more as time goes on.  I’ll also eventually be taking some vallisneria from my 20 gallon tank — it’s ridiculously tall and will fit better in this tank anyway!  I wanted to stick to South American plants for this setup, which ruled out a lot of my standbys, but it was an interesting theme to work with. 🙂


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