Angelfish, just because!

Angelfish, just because!

Like most aquarium owners, I think, sometimes I just sit and lose track of time watching my fish. 🙂  It’s hard to share that experience, really, but I can at least try to share the fish.  Here are the current members of the Angelfish Singles Club 😀  (I have the suspicion that they’re all male, which is both really inconvenient and rather statistically unlikely. XD)

(At some point I need to do something to minimize glare/reflections on this tank… it’s super frustrating because I’ve got a huge surface to take pictures on, but at certain times it might as well be a mirror. :/ )

On an amusing note, I’ve decided to call the double-dark Pinoy “Severus”… he’s black, he swoops around all flappily, and the other fish don’t seem to like him much :p  But he’s one of my favorites, and I’d opt to keep him even if he never pairs off.


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