A beginning

A beginning

While I’ve been fishkeeping for about 6 months now, I finally decided to crack open a blog to keep track of my fish, because I’ve just received a passel of gorgeous angelfish that I hope to breed when they’re grown. 😀  These are all blues from AngelMania, and were received 12/8/2017, shockingly all in apparent good health, given that they were mailed on the 4th!!  They appeared to get lost in the postal system for several days, and I was very much afraid that I would receive a box of dead fish :/

What I ordered:

  • 2 Wild-Cross Philippine Blue Ghosts: “50% Manacupuru Wild blood in a double-dose blue angelfish. Single dose stripeless. Random mix of veil and standard fin. These may have a single other underlying base gene.”
  • 2 Philippine Blue Zebras: “An excellent line of blue zebra angelfish, with the nice dark extra zebra stripe. These are wider-finned veils and standards.  May present with single dose of other underlying genes.”
  • 2 Philippine Blue Pinoys: “The are a widefin variety. Excellent temperament in these lines as well. Underlying the Blue Pinoy coloration, this group carries a mix of ghost (s/+), zebra (z/+), marble (M/+) and smokey (Sm/+) angelfish! “
  • 2 Blue Pinoy Veil Widefins: “Wonderful color and single dose Veil Fin. I bred these into my widefin lines to create a spectacular, erect “sail-like” dorsal. These are a mix of ghost, smokey, and lace pinoys.”

What I got:

  • 4 wild-cross, one that is 2-3x larger than all of the other fish in the order. 3 are veil (including the big one), 1 is standard.
  • 2 PB Zebras – these two are standard tail
  • 3 PB Pinoys, standard tail
  • 2 Pinoy veils, one of which appears to be double-black

It sounds like a regular occurrence for Lee at AngelMania to send extras, but it’s certainly not a promise, so the extra finnies are welcome 🙂  Although it probably means more work rehoming the unpaired ones later… 😮

On the sales pages, they’re listed as 5-8 weeks old, so for my own record keeping, I’ll assume they’re 5 weeks.  (Most of them are smaller than true dime-size, although they definitely have the angelfish body shape!  The big one is about nickel-sized.  I can’t really guess how old it is…)  According to this page from TAS, angels reach breeding age anywhere from 6-12 months, with 9-12 being average… so I’ve got a while to go. 😉  But I’ll enjoy watching the little squirts swish around in the meantime 🙂  They’re very serene, although if one gets spooked, it will dart so fast it might as well have teleported to a new spot, lol.

I think the zebras are my early favorite, but we’ll see how everyone colors up as they get bigger… 😀

2 thoughts on “A beginning

  1. Purdy! Things are looking great! Do your fish have names? (Or do you name your fish other than your betas.) I need to start my flog. (Fish blog?) I’m sure people are tired of hearing me go on and on about fish….

    1. I imagine I will name the angelfish once I decide which ones I’m keeping long-term 🙂 (Not to mention once they’re bigger and have more fully-developed colors!) I haven’t named any of my other fish besides the bettas, though. I suppose the platys are distinct enough for names, but they don’t have as much character as the bettas, I think. Mostly they’re just hungry. ;D

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